Eureka 96JZ


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Clean anywhere in your home with this cordless, lightweight vacuum from Eureka. This bagless, 2-motor cleaner converts to a hand vacuum and has a stair cleaning handle and revolving brush roll, so you can easily switch between carpet, hard floors, stairs and other surfaces. Plus, storage is a snap, with a wall-mountable charger to save space in your home.



Cordless/Rechargeable – Never hassle with cord storage again. Plus, you can clean anywhere in your home without having to move your cleaner from one outlet to another. You will save money on battery replacement and the power is easily restored to keep your vacuum ready for strong cleaning.

  • Revolving Brushroll – Agitates carpet fibers and loosens dirt for better carpet cleaning.
  • Bagless – Get freedom from changing a regular vacuum bag with a bagless system that allows you to remove the dust cup, dump the contents and replace it in the cleaner.
  • 2-Motor System - A 2-motor system includes a motor for suction plus another motor to power the brushroll.
  • Easy-Empty Dust Cup – This dust collection cup is easily accessible, easy to empty.


Power - 6 volt battery
Weight - 5 lbs.
Shipping Weight - 5.8 lbs.
Cleaner Dimensions - 5.9 x 10.3 x 19.6