Filter Queen (Refurbished) Majestic

Please note:  Vacuums are refurbished and include a 10-year motor warranty offered by United Vacuum.  Colors and models may vary.

  • 120V Motor
    • 23,500 RPM high speed at sealed suction
    • 16,885 RPM low speed at sealed suction
  • Air movement of 56 CFM (low) to 80 CFM (high)
  • 94.0 inches H20 static suction
  • 2.5 gallon dirt capacity
  • Cyclonic Action: incoming air and dirt are deflected by our patented Intel Guide creating a centrifugal force, pushing dirt and dust to the sides of the container, away from the cones. The air does not have to force its way through the layers of dirt like in a "vacuum" cleaner bag, instead it is drawn into the center of the "cyclone" where it filters through the cones and returns to the room cleaner and freshener.
  • Flat Disc Filter: acts as a safeguard to protect the motor
  • Genuine Filter Cone (pre-filter): integral part of filtration process begins with this filter cone composed of patented two-ply Cellupure fibers. This filter helps block the passage of dust, pollen, allergens, and other contaminants while protecting the motor of the Majestic. When changed as recommended, it protects the life of the other filters
  • Enviropure Filter (optional): activated charcoal filter that can be used in addition to the filter cone filter in extreme conditions
  • Includes: Motorized Powerbrush, wand, dusting brush,upholstery tool and crevice tool